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Lakewinds Elk Farm is home to over 45 elk. We strive to provide the best in Elk products.

Lakewinds Elk Farm was started in 1997 in the Town of Grafton. It is now owned and operated by Paul and Buffy Jaffke and family.  Paul enjoys working hands on with the magnificent animals and conversing with customers at the local farmers markets.  Their three children help with all aspects of the farm.  Raeden feeds the animals, drives the skid-loader, and keeps the animals calm and happy.  All of the Elk love her.  Chris drives tractor, fixes fence, and hand feeds carrots to the Elk.  Skyler drives the 4-wheeler to feed.  He loves to bale hay and keeps the farm very clean. Our extended families are also very involved and extremely helpful to the operations.  We all work together to provide the best quality Elk.

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